The Three Most Important Dress Codes For Men

Fashion is subject to rules in some areas. Dress codes often are considered an implicit dress etiquette. However, sometimes, you must also obey a dress code. Here are the seven most important dress codes that will help you always to decide on the right outfit:

Black Tie Optional: You have the choice
At this evening event, it is up to you whether you appear in a suit with tie or in a tuxedo. You may choose the classic black suit with waistcoat and bow tie as an elegant alternative, but also the fine, dark suit with a narrow black tie. For all outfits: Black, long socks and polished shoes are mandatory!

White Tie: the most formal of all dress codes
Don’t be surprised if you have never seen this dress code before. The most formal of all dress codes are only required on rare occasions. Extremely special evening events, such as the Nobel Prize ceremony or the Vienna Opera Ball, require this “full formal dress”.

Business Attire: Perfectly dressed on the job
In your profession, your clothes convey in a unique manner how you represent your company and what you stand for. If you have a lot of customer contact the first impression counts.

You are dressed ideally in a well-fitting, dark suit – however not in black – white shirt and tie. You might also wear a matching waistcoat if you have an important appointment.

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