Workout with dumbbells

Staying fit and healthy is one thing that is on everyones mind. To stay fit and healthy, we adapt ourselves on various diets, hit the gym and so on. These days the gyms also get full. And you end up waiting for your number to come. And when your number comes, you end up doing some exercise fast and head home. To stay fit and healthy, you do not have to join a gym. Just some regular basic exercise can also help you. Before there was any gym, people used dumbbells for exercising. Dumbbells could be a good exercise that you can do at home as well. So there will be no need to head out to the gym when you can get all the fitness training at home with the use of dumbbells.

To work out on the upper body, here is what you can do. If you are new to it then start with upper body workout one day, then lower body workout the second day and then on the third day start with both, the upper and lower body workout. A dumbbells exercise always requires a lot of muscle activity. Start with the bow and and arrow bench press, then do the DB row, then shoulder complex, and then the triceps extension.

Now on the second day you should work on the lower body. The lower body workout is the workout with minimal exercise. You just need to start with some squats, and so series. And when you get used to both the upper and lower body workouts, start with the whole workout. The whole body workout may seem a little tiring and exhausting, but then if you get used to it, you will enjoy it. Always remember, when you start with the whole body workout, you need to start lifting lighter weights than the heavier ones. Slowly increase the amount of weight. There is no hurry in that. Start with the rows, then the squats. Do some arm planks and squats again.

See, there! You do not need a fancy gym that creates hole to your wallet. A dumbbell can help you a lot to look fit and healthy. Go grab your dumbbells!