Benefits of kettle bell workout

Workout is a must. Sadly, we barely have time for it. Most of our time goes in office. And sitting behind that desk for nine- ten hours, what exercise do we do, really? Of course, besides the finger exercise. We are getting busy day by day. And this affects our health. If you have some time left, you send it at home with family. So where is the time left for any workout? But what if you could workout without those fancy gyms and toys. All you will be needing is a kettle bell.

Once upon a time, these kettle bell were used to develop strength and flexibility. They were mainly used by strongmen, wrestlers and weightlifters. Kettle bell help in building a strong strength foundation. It also gives you a greater flexibility, plus it increases your grip strength.

Kettle bell being portable can be taken to the gym or on the ground or the park. Since it is not big in size, you can place it in the trunk of your car. A kettle bell workout is more of a high intensity workout. It helps you in building muscles and lose weight.

Now for a lower body kettle bell workout, stand on your feet that are appear to be slightly wider than the shoulder. Hold the kettle bell and move them in a pendulum motion. When the kettle bells move back, bend your knees. Doing this will help your legs and straighten them along with your posture.

For the upper body, by holding the top of the kettle bell, do push ups. You need to hold the handle of the kettle bell firmly or else they will twist and turn. You need to stay firm and rigid and maintain your position is straight line. This exercise will strengthen your shoulder, chest and triceps.

And now for the full body, you need to hold the kettle bell in one hand and swing it in a racked position. Once you do that, drive it over your head and lock it out. Now return the weight to racked position and back down on the swing. Doing this whole racking exercise with the kettle bell will the strengthen the whole body, especially, the legs, shoulder and the back.

Kettle bell is indeed a good workout option. You can workout anywhere with the kettle bell.