Yes, men too want to lose weight!

A common misconception that majority of the people have is that only women are worried about diet and weight. That is a myth. Men are as much worried and conscious about their fitness and weight. They would also go on a strict diet to lose weight. They could also give up on their chicken meals and switch on to salads. However, one thing you need to know is that you should avoid consuming excessive carbs. Cut on the cheese and breads intake.

Yes to lose weight you would want to start maintaining a diet chart. Noting down what you are eating and all. But then your invite diet, it gets its friend along as well. Yeah, its friend or rather sworn enemy, cheat days. The moment you plan on a diet, you start the typical craving. And these cravings then end up in making you cheat on your diet. This is a biggest diet blunder. The excuses for cheating will never die. Each day you will come up with a new excuse.

Men love to eat more than women. Pizza, bacon, chicken and sandwiches are their favorite. To get in shape you need to cut back on few things. Cut back on these things and you will lose weight as soon as possible. Say no to chicken, no breads, pizzas will be a complete no and all the junk that you can think of. To lose weight you need need to consume less of calories than your body can actually burn. I know you know that but it is time that you accept the fact.

You can keep on consuming all the food that you want but you need to maintain the calorie intake. Try the flexible diet. It is not a new diet but an ancient one. In this diet you have to decide how many calories you are consuming in order to lose weight. Make a list of the amount of carbs, proteins and fats.

A clean diet is another thing that you could try. Clean diet is consuming the food that our ancestors consumed. Now ‘ancestors’ doesn’t mean your grandfather or great grandfather or great great grandfather, but your grandfather from the Paleolithic age. This means you should not be consuming grains or dairy products. Rather you should consume only meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

If you do not wish to be the stone age man of the 21st century, try the 80/20 diet. You may love this diet. When you diet, you have to cut on back on few things. Okay, many things. It is your right to consume the food that you love. Your diet should be rich in minerals, carbs, vitamins and proteins. And that is when the 80/20 diet comes into picture. 80% of your diet should be healthy and 20% should be other stuff that you love and you know are not healthy enough, like junk. This gives you the chance to enjoy the diet. This is the best diet. It gives you the flexibility that no other diet will give you.