Your beard style defines your personality

There is a whole big debate out there on the appearance of a man, on who he should or should not look. A man generally, expresses himself through his own style and choices. But then did you know that your beard or mustache can speak a lot about your personality? A man’s facial hair can say a lot about what kind of a person he really is.

So what do you think? That facial hair that you are growing out does it look any good on you? Or do you need a shave before the date? You may not think, but people judge you to some extend when they see your beard or your mustache. Science says that if people see a tiny bit of hair on your face they may assume that either you are aggressive and dominating in nature or pretty much matured. While a clean shaven face is judged as something that is clean and hygienic and sociable in nature.

Many a times it is seen that men with beard are generally aggressive in nature even if his personality. Also having a beard is the sign of maturity. It is then that the man is welcoming his manhood years. In the olden days, beard was considered as a sign of maturity, power and higher social status. Men with beard were considered manly. Also a study proved that having a beard could intimidate others.

So does this mean that if a man has to be taken seriously, or if the man has to look matured or something he should start growing out beard? No, certainly not! Today, a more clean shaven face is acceptable than a beard one. It will help you crack the interview. Want to impress a girl on the date, make sure you do not have a long beard.