Men are strong, stronger and strongest!

The word strong can be easily related to men. Since the old age, men are defined as strong and tall. Strength, when related to men, has to be the physical strength as well as the character. The strength and strong features in men may not be seen much today. Most of the men we see are sitting in front of a desktop for nine hours straight. But this strength is the backbone of manhood.

It is this physical strength that often shows us the difference between a man and a women. We often evaluate a man on his physical strength. If he is being pushed, then should be strong enough to push back. That is what is being followed for ages now. It may appear stupid, but that is the reality my friend. When a man is seen as strong, we add additional qualities like respectable, authoritative, attractive and the best is that he is manly, right?

To get that physical strength men end up joining gym. It is believed from the olden days that a strong body often develops good virtues in a man. A strong body can take you anywhere you want. It will allow you to explore the world like no other man. A strong body will help you perform well in any filed. But without physical strength you cannot achieve all that you want. Therefore, you need a sound mind in a sound body.

The biggest lessons are learned through the physical strength. Remember, Captain America? The physical strength made him a good person. He became a hero of an entire nation. It is this strength that will help you overcome the pains and sufferings that you will be going through your work life. Everything comes with a little amount of pain and hard work.

The strength not only helps in building up your character but it also acts as a backbone of the basic moral virtues. Imagine a fat kid who may be strong internally, but at the end of the day he is still being bullied by a kid with a good physic. If you appear really strong, people start respecting you. They start believing in your ideas and thoughts. Like it or not, strength is synonyms with masculinity.