The perfect hat on the head

The human face appears to be beautiful and appealing when it is proper in shape. And if you do not have that perfect shape, you end up opting for a surgery if you are rich enough. A women can get a nice hair cut and make it suit her face. But when it comes to men, they hardly have a wide variety to pick from. And not to forget the length of the hair. And too add almost the same charm, men ended up wearing hats. A hat does wonder like a hairstyle does it to a women. But you need to pick up the right size and shape of a hat that will show off your perfect jaw line and give you a sharper look.

Now if you are having a round face so you need to add some height to your hat. Majority of the round face that we see look short and small. So the crown of the hat that is the upper part of the hat should be medium size. While the brim should be of moderate width. And make sure that the brim is not pulled downward or else that will make your face look smaller. Rather turn it up.

If you have a long thin face, go for a hat that will shorten the length of your face. The crown of the hat should be short in height and do not go for square or high crowns. They will make your face look bad. If you have a heavy long face, more like oval, an egg shape, then go for a hat that will balance the top and the bottom as well. The crown should medium, no too short or not too tall. The brim should be flat in the front. The hat needs be settled to the side or else it will show your wide forehead.

If you have a squarish like face, go for a hat that will highlight your jaw line. A medium, full and round crown should be okay and the brim needs to have a wide width. If you are having a long nose, take a hat that will break up the line from the brim to the tip of the nose. So you will be needing a brim that has a wider width.

If you have down tapering cute chin, you need to get a hat that will not grab the attention on the chin but someplace upward. For this the crown of the hat should be low in height and the brim has to be flat and shallow. And if you have sticking out ears which are large, so get a hat that will cover them. So the crown of the hat should be tall and the brim needs to be as wide as possible which help in either covering the ears or making them look small.