The importance of socks in a man’s life…

Men pay very little attention to socks. Why? That’s a mystery which even science has not been able to crack open. However, sock mainly protect our feet. They absorb our perspiration and avoid the shoe bite or our feet from scratch. It is this one piece of clothing that can give out the best or the worst impression.

It is important that your socks should match one another. They should be free from any visible stains. And just as much they should not have a single hole in them. Now you must be wondering, who is going to see the hole or the stain. What if you have to remove your shoes or something like that? You never know what situation may rise. You will be super embarrassed. And remember that your socks should always match to your trousers or pants. You wear a bad contrasting color sock and that will end up as another embarrassment.

When you want people to take you seriously, you cannot end up looking funny. You need to impress people in the most possible way. Even a simple sock can kill your whole image. Remember that certain socks are meant for certain dress types. Like if you wear woolen socks in sporty shoes, you are most likely to be the laughing stock of the evening. You will look like a nerd who is trying real hard to fit into the cool guy’s shoe.

So when you wear jeans, wear dark colored socks. Like mentioned above, the sock’s color should match with the pant or trousers and not with the shoe color. The reason for this is that when you sit down, your socks are seen. And that is when you do not want to look like a clown, right? The sock that doesn’t match the color of your pant or trouser will look bad. So black pants and black socks and brown socks with brown pants.

Never wear socks if you are wearing sandals or shorts. Sandals are meant to, rather were made to show your bare feet. So, no socks with sandals. Also wearing socks if you are wearing shorts, no so good sight. This will make your legs look shorter. But you really want to wear socks with shorts, just make sure that you are wearing ankle length ones.

Socks or no socks is quite debatable. But every man should wear a one.