So which is your favorite aviator shade?

What can be more classic and totally masculine than an aviator shade? The aviator shade is one of the very few sunglasses style that has been running over generations since 1937. The aviator shades were originally designed for the American fighter pilots by Ray Ban. It is the original tear drop lens aviator shade that allowed the pilot to look down at the control panels while the lens still blocked the sunlight from getting into their eyes. The beautifully rimed rubberized brow bar besides adding the touch of masculinity to the handsome face, kept the sweat off the pilots eyes while they were shooting enemy planes.

Right from men at war to civilians, aviator shades are everyone’s favorite. However, the classic teardrop tops the favorite list. This shade of aviator gives you the best sun protection. But in case if you have a long or more like an oval long face, it is recommended not to opt for a teardrop aviator. The reason is that it will make your face look longer.

The other aviator shade is the navigator. It is more squarish in shape. Now, if you have a long face then the navigator aviator shade is just for you. Sporty cannot be classic. But that is a myth. Try out these sporty aviator shade and flaunt your social and active lifestyle. The sporty aviator shade is not completely squarish in shape like the navigator ones but it has squared off bottom. The lenses are also wider and that is one reason why they give you most of the sun protection.

Aviator metal is another favorite among the people. They have a metal frame with a brass or silver finish. These metal framed ones are heavy and have the same teardrop shape. And yes, there are also plastic aviator shades. They look completely different that classic ones. The frames appear to be thicker, thus giving you a more sporty look. The new style of aviator shade is the mixed material one. These mixed ones are nothing but a mixture of plastic and metal. The mixed one will give you a classic look because of the metal while the plastic will give you a nice sporty look.

Also when it comes to the color of the lens, each lens blocks certain amount of sunlight. The brown lens gives you a better view as it tends to brighten the view. The funky mirrored lens absorbs and reflects the sunlight. While the dark gray ones will completely block away the sunlight. While the original aviator shade color is green which neither saturates the sunlight nor it darkens things.