No more sporting shoes with socks!

A tooth paste is meant for a tooth brush. Just like that socks are meant for shoes. Shoes without socks is a sad view. It is one thing that you should not try doing because, trust me on this, you are so not ready for its consequences. Yes, some people do wear shoes with socks. A vision of classic Chuck Taylor’s All Star black and white converse without socks is quite common. But you know what else is common? The typical sock-shoe stink! That stink will never leave. It will be there forever. Now you know the reason for wearing socks with shoes. But still if you want to flaunt your style without socks you need to keep the stink off.

The reason you come across the stink is because of the sweat. Sweat is actually odorless. But every drop of sweat is home for the tons of bacteria that causes the feet to stink. Since, a shoe is completely covered, there is no room for ventilation left. So if you need to avoid that smelly feet here is what you should do; prevent the sweat and bacteria.

You should probably start washing your feet more frequently. Also use an anti bacterial soap, if required. Many of us barely wash their feet when in a shower. You need to destroy the dead skin on your feet which is the only meal of the bacteria. So just scrub your feet with a anti bacterial soap. Also if you want to go without wearing socks you should not end up wearing the same shoes everyday. You need to give the shoes sometime to dry off. And if you end up wearing a wet shoes, then, boy, it will be one heck of a smelly shoe.

A cedar tree also helps in killing the smell. When you are not using the shoe, make sure that you add a cedar tree stick in the shoe. They also maintain the shape of the shoe, avoids cracking and absorbs the moisture. Or else what you can do is dust some foot powder in the shoes right before wearing them. And still if your shoes are stinking, simply wash them or spray some deodorant on them or it will be better if you throw them away.