5 Tips for Grooms

1. Drink Up
Water not only replenish your insides, but also works wonders on your skin as well.
Start a regular eight glasses a day water workout ahead of your wedding and your skin will be clear, clean and an have enough blush to rival a bride, just in time for your big day.

2. Wash Up
This may seem a bit silly, but from the moment you get engaged, start properly washing your face.
Invest in a good cleanser and a weekly exfoliator not just soap and water. You’ll soon notice an extra polish to your complexion.

3. Regular Rules
Guys are embracing a new skincare regime ahead of a wedding – night cream, moisturiser, face masks? All awesome – but just keep it regular.
Don’t start trying out new products right before your wedding. Stopping and starting a regime will mess with your skin, whatever you do,

4. Seasonal Skincare
Do you go really red in the summertime or does your skin get dry and flakey in winter? Think about when you’re having your wedding and plan accordingly.
Avoid the usual onset of winter skin by introducing moisturiser well in advance and wear sunscreen ahead of a summer wedding to avoid looking too flushed in the snaps.

5. Pick of the Products
So you know you have to moisturise, but unless you’re a long time groomer, it may be difficult to understand what you need. Talk to a facialist, read up online, or visit a department store and chat to consultants at a couple of different counters to see what’s on offer.

You may need something mild to ease onto your sensitive skin, something medicated to treat acne, or something matte to reduce shine. Get a few testers, and see which product works best for you before you make a purchase.

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