4 Ways To Groom Before A Party

Simply dressing smartly for that year-end social gathering is not enough. Grooming is also equally important. When you’re busy at work and have to attend all the events directly from the office, this can be quite a challenge. But don’t worry, whether it is a Christmas party or NYE, we’ll make sure you appear fresh-faced and appropriately-groomed for any party season event.

Go For Tinted Moisturisers
Go for matte-based tinted moisturizers that help reduce shine, absorb excess oil, and contain pigments that give skin a healthy glow. BB Creams also help even skin tone and hide acne scars.

Scrub Away
Scrubbing is the most effective way to brighten up your skin for a big night. It can be done super quickly – exfoliation exposes the fresh ones by scrubbing away the dead skin cells that sit on the epidermis of your skin and. Just apply a little amount of scrub and gently massage your face, avoiding the delicate eye area.

Spray and smell good
For the modern man, fragrances are more of a day-to-day essential. But a special scent can still make a big difference. Always have a special cologne which you use only at special events. Look out for a masculine scent that is not too overpowering.

Dry Shampoo
No time to wash your hair before a party or an event? Try using a dry shampoo. It not only freshens up the hair but also reduces greasiness and gives volume to dull, lifeless hair.

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