What to do after a bike accident?

Finally you have a bike that you have been waiting for so long. Now you must have worked pretty hard on its insurance and license. Boy, it must have been hell crazy to ride the dream bike no? But what there? Did you just experience a bike accident? That is the saddest thing that can happen to your bike and to you. So what do you do when you have a bike accident? Get an anxiety attack seeing your bike lying handicapped amidst the road. Here are a few things that you should probably do after a bike accident.

First thing is to stay calm. Staying calm is very important. Yes when you get into a bike accident it is like losing your nerve especially when it is the mistake of the other person. While on the other hand you could also be freaking out. So just remember to stay calm and immediately look for any injuries. When you go through an accident, you will be experiencing an adrenaline rush so you will not be noticing any injuries on your body. So it is necessary for your to cool down. If you think that there is any serious injuries make sure you buzz the emergency services.

There could be chances that you may wind up in court. So just to be clear from your side make sure you get photos clicked which you can show as an evidence in the court. If it is not possible to click photos then observe everything and scan it in your head. Remember that it is important for you to clear the road immediately after the accident. An accident will block the road and generate a traffic. A traffic will create problem for the people in accident and for the coming vehicles. Just clear the road by moving your bike to some place off the road.

Always get the names, address contact numbers, license information of the people involved in accident. If they refuse to give the information then note down the vehicle number. These all details will help you in court. Once you are cleared with the accident report about this to your insurance company.
A bike accident can shake you badly. To get back on the bike is up to you. Yes it will be difficult to ride it again but you will not know until you try.