Time for her to meet your parents? Make a good first good impression!

You must have probably met her parents and now its time for you to take her to your house to meet your parents. So when you visited her parents you would have tried your best to give the best first impression. So now the tables have turned. Of course you will help her making a first good impression on your parents. At the end of the day you would want your folks to like her and her to like them back and that would be your chance of having the happy family. Here are some tips and trick which will make everyone comfortable.

Think twice before getting the girl home. Women in general tend to get carried away with the thought that the guy is taking her home to meet the parents. And that is when she will start wondering that she is special. And that is how your parents will assume things. So if the girl is really special or you really see a future with her, that is when you should get the girl home. Also prepare both the parties, your parents and your girlfriend, about the situation that would happen anytime soon. This means that you should fill in, both, on each other. The more they have heard about each other, the more they can kill the awkward silence.

Also when you tell about your girlfriend to your parents, tell them to avoid taking an sensitive topics like over the girls parents if they are dead. Also make sure to tell your mum the things that your girlfriend is allergic to. Instead suggest a thing or two that your girlfriend likes. This will make her more comfortable.

Just like you are making your parents know her, fill her also on your family history. Tell her about your mom, dad, sister and brother. Many a time a girl is most likely to gift the guys parents. So here, just help her out. Tell her what your mom dad like. Also if there is a thing or two common between your parents and your girlfriend do let her know. There are more chances that they would get along pretty well. It is in human nature that if you find a thing common between you and the other person you are most likely to bond well.

Also tell her about your parents physical affection. It would be better if your girlfriend would not hug your mom since your mom is not quite a hugger. It is obvious that on the first visit she will not be comfortable to take things out of the fridge, plus she will be not knowing where the dishes would be. So make sure that you offer her with food and drinks.
Also, she will not be flaunting about her accomplishment in front of your parents. So make sure that you compliment her in front of your folks. And very important thing of all is that make sure that you try to stick by her side as much as possible.