Is your bike one year old? Here is what you need to know then

Everyone has a bike these days. Bike is what guys love the most. They go crazy over it. Its like boys and their toys. They simply love taking her on the streets on a weekend night. Riding through the cold wind and zip zapping through the hills roads is what guys love. You must be knowing of the basic things as to which is a good bike or how to take care of the bike but it is also important to take certain things in notice after a year of purchasing the bike.

A quick check is very important. This will keep your bike running in the years to come. Replacing a part gone bad is relatively easy and cheap but taking the bike to the garage and then regularly maintaining it will certainly not be cheap. But a regular visit to the mechanic will definitely avoid the future expensive repairs. So make sure that you check the chains, sprockets, tires, turn signals, battery and leads, suspension and steering head. A regular quick check is therefore required.

After a year of using the bike, it is time that you start double checking your bike. It is this time that you will be getting the best rate on your bike insurance. Also keep an update on your bike laws this way you will avoid costly tickets and so on.

It is important that you check your safety gears. They need to be in top condition. Certain safety equipments like helmet, the right boots and so on is necessary. A helmet with a few scratches will decrease the strength of the core by at least 50%. Anytime purchasing a bike or for that matter owning is a great experience but you need to maintain it and avoid accidents and take precautions.