Do you have a man BFF?

When it comes to friends, we all need one. Just like a girl needs her girlfriends around on all the time, a man needs his buddies too. When it comes to girl, they are happy with one single girlfriend but when it comes to guys, boy they need five different BFF. Don’t believe? Here, read along.
It is said that on an average a human can sustain five friends. It is among these five friends that a human can maintain a good bond on a regular basis. It can also vary from one or two but, five is a common number. And majority of the times all these five different friends fulfill different roles in your life.

At one point in life, a man needs a friend who can guide him, give him advice on certain matters. When things get difficult, you want that one friend whom you can rely on. You know that of you talk to him about your problem, there will be a solution. Now this mentor like friend could be way older than you or your age or someone really younger than you. Also this friend may not be your favorite but he is the one you are more likely to turn to in times of trouble.

Now there is this another type of friend, who will act as your wingman during the single time of your life. He would be the one that you are comfortable going out in pubs and partying. Your wingman friend will often distract a women so that you could easily make a move. He will be the one who will motive you to get out there and take a girl on a date.

After these two categories of friend, there comes the third one, the handyman. This is the guy friend who will having answers to everything. Got a doubt on how much to grill your steak? He’s man! Need some home improvements? Again, he is the man! The only difference between this third category of friend and the mentor is that the mentor will advice you a little philosophically whereas the handyman will give you practical advices and tips.

The fitness freak friend will be your least favorite one. He will be a pain in the neck when you want to spend a day on your home couch while he will be busy dragging you out to a trek. He is the kind of a friend who will never take no for answer when it comes to fitness. He might also blackmail you for friendships sake so you cannot get rid off such a friend.

And lastly, you will be having a work buddy. It is obvious that majority of your time will be gone at work. So it is this working buddy that will help you get through the office blues very smoothly.