Brush up your knowledge on diamond jewelery

When you get that big rock for your girl what do you end up saying to the people around? Right! That you ended up spending a big fortune on it. But in the real sense what do you know about diamond jewelery? When it comes to cars and bike you can talk for hours. Even if it is a second hand car or bike you will praise it since you know that the money you invested in it is no waste. But when it comes to diamond, you are tongue tied. You have no idea if that big fortune that you have spend on the big rock is real worth it or not. Why go so far? You can even differentiate a real pearl from a fake one.

So then where do you get your basic or whatever knowledge on diamond jewelery? You would probably must have read in some magazine or must have googled or visiting some random jewelery store. So its time to brush up some knowledge on diamond.

First thing to know about diamond is it’s cut. A cut is nothing but the sparkle of a diamond. The sparkle in a diamond is called a cut. Why they simply don’t call it a sparkle is yet to be investigated. But for now know this that there are different types of cuts. It is this cut that determines the depths of the diamonds and its true value.

After cut, comes the clarity. Now when it comes to diamonds, highest clarity is highest quality. As simple as that! The better the clarity the less flawed the stone is. If the diamond does not have a good clarity then it is an imperfect one. Usually, the clarity of the diamond is seen through a magnifying glass by the jeweler. Also some imperfection of a diamond can be reduced by adding or increasing its sparkle. A diamond having natural clarity will be very expensive than a diamond which has an increased clarity artificially.

Carats means weight of the diamond. It is the unit that is used to measure diamond. Also there is shape in diamonds. Diamonds are cut into many shapes. What kind of a shape you need you can tell the jeweler. So thats a little here and there on diamonds. Now don’t commit silly mistakes while getting her the ultimate big rock.