Any substitute for the typical diamond engagement rings?

There you have got the women of your dreams and you have started fantasizing spending the rest of the life with her. So what will be your next move? Getting down on the knee with a diamond ring? Oh, no diamond ring? Want something special, like other than a typical diamond ring, for your lady love? Try these ones out. But make sure you never ever propose without the most valued rock. Also if your gal is okay with it then sure go ahead with non diamond ring. But understand this, every girl desires for the rock.

A man made diamond is any time okay for a girl who do not want a 100% one. Cubic zirconia are said to be diamond stimulants. They are identical to the real diamonds but of course made of different material. They are cheaper but could also be a romance killer since it is a fake one.

Cultured diamonds are created with an atom by atom crystal growth and are very similar to the real diamonds. Also it is impossible it tell them apart. These, however, are lab created diamonds. They are cheaper than the original ones. But since it is difficult to tell them apart, they have started gaining importance in the market.

The knot shaped is extremely simple but very classic and elegant. The knot shape just talks of the future knot that you will be tying. If you plan on having two knots in one ring, say like one in silver and the other on gold, it would beautifully symbolize the entwining of two lives.

A gemstone is anytime beautiful than a diamonds. They are very traditional and have a very deep meaning. And boy, the list of gem is infinite. Claddagh ring is another one that your girl will love. It is a traditional Irish ring which hold ancient history and symbolism. The ring is designed in the way where two hands are joined with a heart in the center. This symbolizes love and represents taking of vows.

And the last one is the family heirloom. So this way you will can save on a little of buck with the family ring. But make sure that there is no other in the same line. A ring that is being passed over generations to generations is extremely special and nothing can compare this one. So make sure you know what ring your lady likes and get her a best one.