Wear more colorful clothes with these combination

Why do men fear when it comes to wear colorful clothes? This is no time to stay aloof from colorful clothes. Throw away those plain one colored clothes out and dive in in some nice colorful clothes like flashy chinos to really bright ankle length socks. And this is just the beginning, so get set for a nice colorful wardrobe.

Many men think that mixing colors, especially silver and gold, is a big time no no. Like a man would never go for wearing a gold belt buckle with a silver, stainless steel, watch. But that is old school now. If you do it like you mean it and with total confidence, trust me on this, no one can stop you there. All you have to is not limit yourself from experiments.

Suppose if you were to wear a green minty T shirt, what color pant would you prefer wearing? Not a khaki brown! Come on! Try wearing a pant in a different shade but of the same color of the T shirt. The chinos will anytime look good. But do not go in same color right from head to toe. Contrast or shade of the main family is good.

Men believe that black and navy will not go together just like black and brown do not go together. But try them together for a change, you may like it. You would probably look cool together. These colors they compliment each other. Such color combination are extremely good for date nights. That really adds up to your personality. Wearing something unexpected, like brown pants and black shoes is interesting. Try it out and you will know for yourself.