The Grooming Manual – The Skin Care Routine For Men

The skincare routine for men has to be simple, straight forward and smooth. No five-step peels or multiple layers of creams. Buy some great quality, all-natural merchandise and your face will thank you (and the females in your life will probably borrow your products too). Follow this routine daily – upon waking up and before you are off to bed. This will give you great skin and a great complexion.

Splash warm water for your face. Or even better – take a shower. This will open up your pores to pull out all the dirt. Wash your face with a men’s face wash. Strictly avoid soap. The soap contains chemicals that can be too harsh for the facial skin. Lather it up for 30 seconds while lightly rubbing in a circular motion. Rinse with cool water. This will clear your pores, and stop new dust and oil from getting into them. Pat your face dry. Do not rub. Rubbing encourages premature wrinkling from stretching the pores and skin.

Moisturize your skin with a men’s face moisturizer. A dime-sized amount will be enough for your entire face. Moisturizing your skin makes it look good, prevents aging and wrinkles, and prevents extra oil production.

If age-lines and wrinkles have started showing up on your forehead and around the eyes, a dab of anti-getting cream can work like a magic to help you to smooth them out and tighten your pores and skin.