Get well groomed for some camping

So you have got the weekend off and probably must have planned a nice getaway with your girlfriend or camping with your buddies. When girls decide to head out for the weekend, they are all well packed. They know what all they will be needing so they make a list of things that needs to take on the trip. When it comes to guys, this ain’t the story. On a Saturday morning just a couple of minutes before heading out, the guy will set out to pack his back. But there are some guys who will take all the effort of getting all the necessary things not on the eleventh hour. So here is list of things that you should consider before setting your foot out for the weekend.

You do not know for sure if you will be having a chilly cold night. So what you can do is carry a good warm blanket for an extra warmth. If you are planning on buying a new one, go for the classic checks red. It will give you the typical and authentic camping feel. When it comes to the booze, always always and always BYOB!!! It will be smart to get bourbon than a beer. Bourbon is rich in rye content and you will get it at a good price. So go for the bourbon this camping trip. It will be more drinkable and enjoyable than any other beverage. And yes, do not forget to carry a tin cup. Boy, that will just create a 70’s feel. Make sure that you drink in this tin cup.

A flash light is very important on camping. There are chances that you may run out on the bonfire, then what will you do? How long do you think the moonlight is going to guide you. So that is the time when the flashlight will come in handy. What if you head out in the woods to pee, how will you find your way back? Use a flashlight instead. And plus while narrating a horror story how are you planning on creating that scary look without a flashlight? Now do you get the importance of a flashlight?

A camping can never be complete without eating some burnt marshmallow. Roasting some marshmallow on a stick in the bonfire is the real feel of camping. Eating one marshmallow will never be sufficient. You will end up having tons and tons so make sure you carry a good load of them. But with your bourbon, marshmallow will not taste good. So make sure you carry some nuts or whatever you like with bourbon. Carry that in small quantity. You do not want to end up getting all drunk on a camping day.

Another important thing after a flashlight is matchbox. Without a matchbox it will be impossible for you to get the fire going. Do not even think of the primitive way of rubbing stones against each other. This just worked for the stone age man and not for a technologically advanced man. Since camping chairs are extremely portable, carry them if you feel like. And there you are all set for the camp.