Get a stylish haircut free of cost

Here is a cheap way to get the stylish haircut that you need right on time. Many a times, right at the time when you need the trim, the hair salon is closed or you would end up waiting for your turn to come. So at such times, get a nice trim for yourself. Here is how you need to start for a cost free hairstyle.
Get one thing clear, you are no professional. So getting the right instruments is very essential. But avoid buying scissors. Scissors for an unprofessional like you will be a total disaster. Make sure you buy some clippers with guards of various lengths. Make sure that at least one of the clippers is really long. Now after trimming, if you feel that it is not proper, use the small guard and trim again. But before the whole trimming activity, make sure that you wash your hair and get it dried well. Because the clippers do not stay well on wet hair.

When all set for trimming, create partition in your hair. Always start with the lower portion of your head. And when you apply the guards make sure that the guards are facing upwards. With every pass, make sure that you apply equal amount of pressure.

When it comes to trimming hair, specially the back hair or the neckline, it can be one heck of a task. Make sure that you do not end up getting the ugly bow like hair cut. And if you start getting to high, up the line,it will appear as if you are having two necklines. All you have to do is cast a straight line , preferably short, wherein it meets the neck. Do not trim aggressively. Maintain a balance on both the side.

While getting the trimming accessories make sure that you buy a hand held mirror also. Once when you feel that the hair does not need any trimming, get the hand held mirror in the bathroom. And examine your trims. If you feel there is any uneven areas, trim if you feel like. But it would be better if you would leave that for a professional to do. The hair after trimming would have been very small by now. So just don’t experiment on small hair. You will look crazy.