For the love of your hat

Looks like the hat season is back. Hats were quite common in the olden days. They were seen as a symbol of gentleman. The classic hats then disappeared but today these hats are seen as a fashion statement. The hat turned out to be an accessory for men. It is important that you end up purchasing a good one. Hats are like watch or shirt. They need to be perfect and reflect your character. Once you get a cool hat, what do you do with it? Wear it occasionally and store it in the wardrobe. You will wear a hat for parties and trip but not daily to work. So you will probably use it less and store it more. It is important that you take good care of your hats. Here is how you can take good care of your hat and increase its life expectancy.

When you place the hat on a flat surface, make sure that you keep it upside down. If you keep it on the brim it will flatten out and will change its shape. Hanging the hat on a rack will also do the trick. So now when you are using a rack, the hook on the rack should be wide and not narrow. Since a narrow one is more likely to create a dimple in the hat. Also if the hook is sharp it will cut the hat. And if you are planning on storing the hat for longer time it would be better if you store it in a hat. While storing make sure you store it in cool and dry place and use some lavender to avoid the smelling.

If your hat starts to look dirty, use a brush to clean it. But avoid the nylon bristles as they may ruin the hat. You get a variety of hat brushes in the market. For cleaning a light colored hat you will be needing a light colored bristles while for a dark hat you will be needing a dark colored bristles. Wiping with a very little damped cloth will also do the trick. Many a time we see hair or pet hair on the hat so how to get it off? Take a sticking tape. Wrap it around your finger, but make sure it is inside out and then gently sweep it off across the hat.

There are chances that you will see a smudge here and there on the hat. You can get rid off it by taking a rubber sponge. When the stain is a grease stain then apply some cornstarch on it and brush it off. Yes you wear a hat to show off. But in this whole show off process you are damaging your hat. How? When you are taking off your hat from the hat, you hold it by the crown and the brim. This way you are ruining its natural shape. So it is necessary that you hold the brim of the hat. Yeah, it will not appear cool enough, but what you want? Look cool? Or avoid damaging the hat? You decide!