Adios, harsh razor burns

Girls love a clean shaved face. And a good day to start with is with a nice clean shaved face. A nice shaved face anytime creates a good impression of you. Sadly, many of you complain of the harsh razor burns. Shaving without a razor burn is not possible. We all have had it at one point or another. And the itching after the shave, goodness, kill me! That is the feeling you get, don’t you? And the red spots looks really bad. But now you can prevent the razor burns. How? Here, read along!

Razor burn is sort of an irritating rash that appears after shaving. Since they are itchy, they tend to create red spots on the face and the upper portion of the neck. Some have severe razor burns like they don’t get razor burns but razor bumps. Razor bumps are created by ingrown hair. They appear like pimples and this problem is more often seen in African men.

Actually if you have a soft beard, you will have a smooth shave. So if you have to shave, make sure you shave after taking a shower. The reason is that the hot steam during the shower will soften your beard. Also applying some conditioner on the beard will help in making the beard turn soft. Just use the conditioner like you apply it on your head.

It is important that you get the dead cells out of your face. Face scrubbing is as important to a man just as it is important to girl. Use a nice gentle scrubber once a while to get the dead skin cells out. Also it will make your skin feel nice.

It is important that you use a badger brush for the beard. For lathering beard, this brush should be a must. Using a badger brush will help you in getting the shaving cream under every hair which will help you in getting a smooth shave.

You must be using a five blade razor. But for those who get that itchy feeling even after changing razors, such ones should go for a shaving with safety razor. This type of razor avoids much of irritation and gives the face a clean shaved look. In a shaving with safety razor there is only one blade, so this avoids much of irritation.

Also you should not adding extra pressure than required on the razor. You can avoid this by doing short stokes. When you do long strokes, you tend to add pressure. And always use a sharp razor. A blunt blade will definitely give you that itch and the beard will not be having a finishing touch. So always use a sharp blade.

Also one of the reasons for itchy skin and razor burn is that bacteria that resides on your blade. So wash your blade with some alcohol. Whenever you have to shave, wipe the blade with some alcohol and kill the bacteria. And also very important, risen the blade after every stroke. Because every time you draw a stroke, some amount of your beard and shaving cream gets stuck in the blade. So resining it in water after every stroke is a must. And once you are done with shaving, dry the blade and razor with a clean and dry towel. This avoids the dulling of the blade.