Top Mental Health Issues For Men

Many people joke that men care better for their cars than can for their own health. Factors contributing to a decline in men’s health are related to a lack of awareness, inadequate health education, unhealthy work habits, and personal lifestyle, as well as a tendency to not seek help, according to the Men’s Health Network.
The three most common bad lifestyle habits contributing to poor health for men are drinking, smoking, and overeating. However, these habits can be changed, fortunately. Thus one can prevent or reduce the incidence of many of the top ten health risk for men.

You can reduce your risk of these top health issues for men by speaking with your healthcare provider:
Cardiovascular Disease:
33% men have some form of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association. An estimated 2.8 million men suffer a stroke each year and hypertension is occurring more frequently in younger men. Regular medical visits are important for monitoring cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart health.

Respiratory Disease:
As per the American Lung Association, every year, more men are diagnosed with lung cancer than in the previous year. Occupational hazards such as exposure to asbestos increase this risk. However, smoking remains the leading cause of emphysema, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases.

Prostate Cancer:
Prostate cancer is the most common and the second leading cancer death for men. Typically considered a disease for older men, in reality, it can occur in younger men. if found early, it is very treatable, supporting the case for regular checkups.

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