Top 4 Health Risks for Men

You’re not invincible
If you take better care of your favorite gadget or car than your body, you aren’t alone. As per to the Men’s Health Network, weak health education, a lack of awareness, and unhealthy work and personal lifestyles have caused a steady deterioration of the well-being of American men.

COPD and other respiratory diseases
Each year, more men are diagnosed with and develop lung cancer than in years past, According to the American Lung Association. Compared to other racial or ethnic groups, African-American men have a higher risk of dying from the disease. Smoking remains the leading cause of lung cancer while exposure to occupational hazards like asbestos increases your risk.

Heart health
According to the American Heart Association, high blood pressure is common in males under the age of 45. Stroke targets more than 3 million men. Routine checkups can help keep that heart beating.

Depression and suicide
At least 6 million men suffer from depressive disorders, including suicidal thoughts, annually, according to estimates of researchers at The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).
Some ways to combat depression include:
journaling or writing down your thoughts
seeking professional help
getting regular exercise, even just going for routine walks around your neighborhood
communicating openly with friends and family

Alcohol: Friend or foe?
Men face higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalizations than women do, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source. Men binge drink twice as much as women. They are also prone to sexual assault and increased aggression against women.

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