Is sitting down in the office is harmful?

So are you one of the men who work in the corporate world, working on your apple desktops? Boy, then you must be spending a lot of time sitting down. You barely walk get to walk in the office. And even if you get the chance to walk, how long are you planning on doing so? Sitting down in the office for eight nine hours straight is never good for the back. Sitting down like that is actually ruining your back posture.

At times you must have probably felt that you thighs are getting all tight and you literally have to lean a little in the forward at the waist to walk. See, there, sitting down for long hours can really harm you. If you sit down for long hours, your hips and legs get tight and your glutes gets all inactive. Such a thing happening that often is never good. It reduces your ability to walk and run.

Doctors say that sitting down for long hours cause the muscles in your hip areas go short. When the muscles get short, your normal human ability of doing certain things like sprinting or running starts to deteriorate. Sadly, no proper study has been done on this issue. But you need to make sure that your hips muscles stay limber.

Having a limber muscle will make you feel good. Also this way you hip muscle will stay healthier and avoid any major injury even if you fall. But having a loose hip will only make things difficult for you. Further it will give you a knee pain. And if you have a good hip then it will help you in getting a good posture which then avoids any sort of neck and shoulder pain.

Sitting and standing should be done with a limit. Doing either of the things for a longer period of time is certainly not good for the health. Now in an office, it is obvious that you cannot have a standing desk instead of a sitting one. So what you can do is take a five minutes break after every 30-45 minutes. In this five minute break, walk and if required do some exercise. Stretching is the best exercise that you should do at work. Try to stretch your legs and hands and arms to the fullest. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.