Foods Men Should Eat More Of And The Ones They Should Avoid

You may hit the gym often. Nice start! But, it’s the foods you eat, and the ones you skip that really impact your health.

Eat more: fatty fish
According to registered dietitian Cara Walsh, no matter how long you can run, how much iron you pump, how old you get, or how many expert tips you follow for your heart, the old ticker is always going to need a little extra TLC. You need to make ensure a strong circulation so you can keep moving at whatever pace you set for yourself. Fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, trout, and sardines are good additions to your diet plan,

Eat less: junk food
This one’s a no brainer. Your late-night or last-minute junk food cravings are not the best thing for your health. Especially as you age, cookies, french fries, and sugar-filled baked goods can raise your risk for life-altering conditions. French fries cooked in unhealthy oils are a major cause of heart attacks. The potatoes are unhealthy and can increase insulin levels.

Eat more: berries
Ensure you are munching on berries regularly. They have amazing antioxidants that help slow the decline in brain functions that occur with aging. You can easily add berries to the oatmeal, breakfast cereal, in a smoothie or eat as a snack.

Eat less: canned soup
It is difficult to beat an overly-processed microwaveable meal or packaged, canned soup when you need something fast and filling and you’re cooking for yourself. It may be convenient and cheap. However, that’s mainly because of the fact that they’re filled with ingredients that won’t do your body any good. In order to make the soup last longer, all of the health benefits of the protein, broth, and vegetables have been taken out of it.

Eat more: whole grains
Make whole grains a part of your heart-healthy diet owing to its high-fiber benefits. The American Heart Association is pretty straightforward about this. This is true, especially for middle-aged men. Whole grains not only make your heart stronger but also fill you up with nutrients. Organic whole grain bread is a great source of whole grains. You will get 5 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 22 grams of whole grains in just one slice of 21 whole grains and seeds bread.

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