Are family traditions running short these days?

Traditions is something that goes on and on. In a way, it gets improvised over the years but then again it is not supposed to lose its essence. Traditions are meant to strengthen the bond, contribute to the society and you know what is the best part about traditions? It develops memories. Memories that last forever, without any change or without any improvisation. But today, this so called tradition is simply getting lost.

A man is said to be the head of the family. It is his responsibility to see that his family is together in the good and bad times. But you should also see that you alter your ideas and thoughts according the changing times. If you are not ready to compromise on the alteration of ideas and thoughts then you cannot be friends with your kids. You need to have a daily connection with your family member. Doing such things you will inculcate the values and develop a family identity.

It is said a family that eats together, stays together. Make sure that you spend some quality time with your wife and children. Make sure that you do not have the TV on when you are on the dinner table. If there is no TV, make sure that you warn your kids about no mobile phones, or PS on the dinner table. Start your meal by saying the grace. Remember in your time, saying grace was very important. Your mom did not let you even touch food without saying grace.

Once the grace is done, start the days happening. Ask everyone how was their day and then talk about your day. And if you have some good stories, do share them. Praying is very important. Make sure that you make have a family prayer before sleeping.

If not too tired, you should probably read a bedtime story to them. They would love it anytime and they would never say no to a bedtime story. If you get free time on the weekends, take your family out on a stroll. You can have an after dinner stroll everyday.

On weekends, you could try to have a movie night. But make sure that movie night does not occur every weekend night, but once a month. Pick some nice family movies for your kids, movies like Sound of Music or any of the Disney films or Sci Fi movie like Back to the Future or ET. If not movie then go for a family game night, indoor or outdoor. Indoor you could play games like scrabbles or chess while outdoor games could be like football or any other game your kid likes.