A Guide For Being Gentlemen

While some people opine that the measure of a man is an entirely subjective philosophy, nothing can be more wrong! In fact, the qualities of true gentlemen are objectively defined.
It may look like a complicated task in today’s fast-paced modern life, but it is not that difficult.

All you need is an unwavering resolve to abide by your principles. Here’s how you can do it.


Be direct about your problems:
Don’t just avoid them. Talk about your problems when appropriate. Speak up when you don’t agree with something. Don’t let your voice drown. Make your voice heard. Have the guts to ask out any woman.


Trust Yourself:
Face your fears with courage. Every cell of your body must fire up and scream at you, saying “don’t do it”!


Have a balance in your life:
Your time is the most crucial thing you can spend in your lifetime. Step back and analyze who plays a positive role in your life and who plays a negative one. Prioritize your time and spend it with the right people. Have a balance – not just at the workplace or office, but also with your family and friends.


Irrespective of your opinion or thoughts on a matter. You can learn a lot by paying close attention to someone. Even if you think there’s nothing to learn, you will still gain a better understanding. Listening requires effort, unlike the popular belief that only requires you to be present.