Stay healthy as horse? Nah, stay healthy as Cristiano Ronaldo

Gone are the days of saying healthy as a horse. Today staying fit and healthy is synonyms to Cristiano Ronaldo. And this was said by Zoe Wimshurst, Ph. D. The director of Performance Vision said that CR7 processes the game faster than other players. Also a study proved that all the elite players have a quick and faster movement of eyes. They tend to look at seven places every second while an average person looks at five places. If you will observe him dodge the ball while a defender is at his tail, he observes the moves of the defender and makes his moves. Also the game turns out to be good in the remaining 20 minutes of the game and that is when Ronaldo has scored more than a quarter of his goals in the last season.

Also per game, he tends to run for more than 6 miles. That is one of the reasons that he has low body fats. Also in any regular game, Ronaldo sprints 33 times at a speed of about 21miles per hour. The reason he can easily outsmart the offside traps from the defenders is through his high acceleration and good football dodging technique. The high speed has made him to develop a good body balance and control.
So there was this Norwegian study wherein they stated that a football player is expected to do a 400 pound squat. The football players need to make a high jump when there is often a side kick wherein the football player jumps high in the air and hits the ball with his head. So, a British documentary tried to measure CR7’s jump. It was 31 inches which means he can head the ball when it is about some 8-9 feet high in the air.

Ronaldo’s kick is extremely energetic. He can power the ball 80 miles an hour. During free kicks he smartly wraps his foot around the ball and that is how the ball spins. His such kicks have made many goalkeepers numb on the field.