Importance Of Fitness In Soccer

It is important to be in the best shape possible because Soccer is a game of fitness. Being fit for soccer will allow you to do 3 things that will benefit both you and your team. This post here today will outline three reasons why being fit for soccer is so crucial.

1. Being Fit Helps with Touch
If you are fit then you can get your body into the correct position to receive the ball across your body. However, if you are not, then you won’t have enough energy to get into the right position. This will cause your first touch to be poor. You will start reaching for the ball, essentially, if you are playing tired. So when you are receiving it, your foot is planted on the ground. This will prevent you from successfully cushioning the ball and will cause it to bounce up or away from you.

2. Be Fit And Play the Whole Game with Limited Substitutions
At the highest level, Soccer games allow only for 3 total substitutions for your team. Other levels will impose different limits. This means that you need to be fit enough to play the whole game, especially if you are a starter. You also want to be fitter than your opponent to constantly beat him/her to balls and be able to make run after run as the game winds on and players start to get fatigued.

3. Being Fit Leads to Better Communication
Communication is a huge factor in soccer. When you are tired, you tend not to talk at all.

This happens because you are trying to conserve your energy to use it for passing, running, shooting, and tackling. When you are truly fit to play soccer, you will be able to constantly talk and give your teammates information throughout the whole game. It helps to break down teams, helps your teammates know if he or she can ‘turn’ or if there is a ‘man on.’

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