Get the macho muscles with these food items

When it comes to men, they have to maintain their muscles. It is some sort of fad trend that is widely accepted by all men, irrespective of their age. A man without nicely built up muscles is like seeing the Victoria secrets models on ramp in full clothes. But do you know that you start building abs and muscles way before you hit the gym? For building muscles and getting the perfect abs you need to keep on consuming plenty of fluids and the right energy food is required, of course, with some weight lifting and all. So here is a list of food items that you should consume for getting the right macho muscles.

Now, you must have heard that fruit and vegetable are very important and that they form an important part of our diet. Along with that thought, it also gives you some vitamins, minerals, proteins and fluids. Also the low fat dairy products are rich in protein, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium and vitamin D. Experts say that chocolate milk is a good workout recovery drink. And the same goes with some yogurt.

Lean meat is said to be rich in protein and iron. These things help in providing oxygen to the muscles. While dark meat provides more iron and zinc than white meat. It provides like some 25% more of iron and three times more the zinc than white meat. Eggs are rich in amino acid and in proteins. One egg with the yolk a day is good for the health. Also nuts are a rich source of proteins. Plus they have vitamins, healthy fats and fiber. Beans and whole grains are also good. Sadly, they contain small quantity of proteins and vitamins.

Proteins are very important as they help you in getting the strength for the training and carbohydrates help in recovering the muscle. So equal amount of proteins and carbohydrates are essential. The carbohydrates supply energy and prevents proteins from breaking down. Since the breaking down will be avoided, it will the be used as energy. Calories are important, but excessive calories will only add up to the fat meter.