4 Healthy Lifestyle Habits Followed By All Men Who Are Fit

Build Habits, Not Willpower
All the research points to one fact: willpower is a briefly-burning candle, but habits are automatic and easily followed. Break bad habits and create some good ones. To start with, just put your running shoes out every day or drink one sip of water with breakfast. Then build up.

Use Portion Control
Yes, you could weigh and measure every macronutrient, but it’s not really necessary. All you need is a safe pair of hands.

Palms for protein For protein-rich foods like eggs, meat, fish and beans, aim for two palm-sized portions with each meal.
Fists for vegetables Colourful veggies like carrots, broccoli, spinach and salad should take up most of your plate. Two fists per meal are your minimum.
Cupped hands for carbs For carb-dense foods you should keep your intake lower. When you’re eating fruit, grains, or starchy carbs, keep it down to a pair of cupped hands.
Thumbs for fats Your fat intake should come from healthy sources like avocado, almonds, and butter. You should eat less than two thumb-sized servings per meal.

If your weight’s going up proportionately with your strength, your numbers will stay still. If you want a bigger back, then volume is key. So, do a minimum of 50 to 100 reps every session. And do invest in a nice set of rings. They’re easier on the elbows than endless straight-bar reps.

Stick to Quality Coffee
It is okay to think that science is constantly changing its mind about the benefits of coffee. However, the evidence is actually pretty consistent. It might reduce the chance of developing certain cancers and Parkinson’s risk. On the other hand, the evidence that it could prevent cardiovascular disease is inconclusive. The real reason you should drink it is that it is a proven performance-enhancer. Make it count by drinking it around 10 am – when cortisol naturally dips. That is the perfect time for your first cup of the day.

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