Boost Your Fat Burn With These Three Barbell Moves

Pairing hefty lower-body moves at the end of your workout is tough. But the metabolic shock means you’ll be torching kilojoules long after the last rep. With that kind of fat burn, it’s worth it.

Follow a ladder structure, going from 10 reps per move in your first round to one rep per move in your last. So, start with 10 reps of barbell front squats then perform 10 Romanian deadlifts. In your next round, perform nine reps of each, then work your way down the ladder. Rest as little as possible between rounds.

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01 Squat For Starters

As your body’s biggest muscle group, your legs can fire up the afterburn. Load the bar with 75% of your body weight, held across your shoulders, hands under the bar, so your elbows are  in the front. Drop into a squat. Keeping your elbow high, drive upwards and after 10 reps, move on to deadlifts.

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02 Rise From The Deadlift

Now you’ll switch your focus to your hamstrings. Grip the bar just wider than your shoulder, and raise it to hip height with arms held straight throughout. With your knees slightly bent and your back straight, lower the bar until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Reverse the move until the bar is back at your hips. Brace yourself to burn fat: your nine squats await.

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03 Make It Don’t Break It

Performing more than 100 reps may seem daunting, but if you pick the right weight, the descending rep structure and the push/pull pairing will allow you to keep going without the need for significant breaks. Grit your teeth, the more exhausted you are, the greater the impact on your metabolism for the rest of the day. Suck it up hang on to that bar.

Bonus: torch fat with the video below.

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