12 Health & Fitness Trends That Are Actually Worth Your Time And Money

The DNA of this brand is focused on making better men; and as the end of the year (and shirtless season) is looming, it’s the perfect time to take stock, and then kickstart a journey of improvements and upgrades (no, you don’t need to wait for January 1st).

The only problem? Trends are great… until they’re not. Luckily for you, we’ve selected 12 solid, proven health and fitness trends that promise to help see you through the rest of the year and help you finish 2019 healthier, happier and fitter than ever. These health and fitness trends aren’t short-term fixes – they’re long-term solutions.

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From robots and bone broth to shorter workout classes and the most high-tech shoes on the market, we’ve sifted through the BS to bring you only the best in health and wellness. Because there’s no point wasting your time or money on things that don’t actually work.

And if you’re wanting to finish the year strong with your best body ever, why not a pick up a copy of the latest mag? It’s jam-packed with sound nutritious meals and workouts that will get you ripped in no time. You can get it here.

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