YoGGarbA®- The Jewel of India 

YoGGarbA® – a holistic wellness program invented by the Surat’s International Artist,  Anish Rangrej has been a boon to the residents of Surat city. Anish Rangrej is the  inventor of YoGGarbA®. He is the owner & founder of Indian Academy of Garba &  Dodhiya, Surat. 

YoGGarbA® (According to Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark, Section 23(2), Rule  56(1), Class 41 Trade Mark no. 4215943) is the combination of the two primitive Indian  Cultural activities. YoGGarbA®️ is created based on scientific approach by inculcating  basic elements of Yoga – Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation to Garba. The purpose of  the academy is to preserve the sacred Bhartiya Sanskriti. The purpose of YoGGarbA® is to create a happy & healthy lifestyle. The sustainable developmental goals established  by United Nations is an activity to transform the world. In conformity with the same,  the aforesaid academy is proud on bringing in positive changes in the lifestyle of the  people. 

When one practices YoGGarbA®, he/ she avails holistic wellness inclusive of – physical, psychological & spiritual affirmations. The activity comprises of a sequence  (yoga aspects & garba movements) to be performed each morning which redirects the  mind of an individual from uncertainties to possibilities. It has bridged speedy recovery  to multitude of people suffering from the disastrous Covid 19. The concept signifies:  The true integrity for being the resident of the Bharat; it makes a healthy lifestyle for  the society; it represents & sustains the ancient Hindu Sanatan Dharma & Sanskriti. 

For the first time in the Indian History; the study of Garba was introduced in academics  by Anish Rangrej. The courses pertaining to YoGGarbA® were first started in the  renowned Education Institute of India –Veer Narmad South Gujarat University during  April 2022. The classes were taken by Anish Rangrej & few of the visiting faculties. 

The academy serves and delivers with the service in these major domains: Cultural  Programs, Fitness, Corporates, Therapeutic Centres, and a few more. Since last 05 – 06  years, the Chief Artist of the Academy – Anish Rangrej keeps a practice to travel around  the globe to spread the awareness regarding our sacred Indian Culture. During the recent  visit to United States, he conducted various Garba & YoGGarbA® workshops. Around  25% of the workshops were registered to understand about YoGGarbA®. More than 1000 residents of the states joined, learnt & practiced YoGGarbA®. 

The artist – Anish Rangrej, has served various corporates such as Hyundai Motors, ISP  Global Consulting, Concept Medicals, UPL Ltd., BNI group, and many more with  YoGGarbA® as stress relieving, employee engaging & cohesive work culture building  activity. He has also served to the backbone of our nation, the BSF Jawans present in 

Bhuj, Gujarat. To ensure fitness in various fitness activists, he along with his team have  served YoGGarbA® many a times in various sports activities in Surat city like:  Marathons, Saree Walkathon, Cyclothon, Unity Run 2023, etc. 

“The values provided by our ancestors are our real wealth & to preserve it for the eternal  mankind should be our primary duty” – to fulfil the duty, the academy grabs every  opportunity through which they can educate about Bhartiya Sanskriti to the people  around Globe. Our courses pertaining to YoGGarbA® are currently enduring in esteem  educational institutes of India. 

Bringing in the hidden jewel to the world, the diamond of the city – Anish Rangrej has  often been appreciated by the honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat – Shri  Bhupendrabhai Patel & Home Minister of Gujarat – Shri Harsh Sanghavi for his various  creative & innovative innovations bringing affirmative transformations in lives of the  people nationwide & globally. 

He has been awarded with various awards by the society. Recently he got awarded as  ‘The Changemaker of the Year 2023,’ by the I Can Foundation for bringing in  significant positive changes in lives & lifestyle of the people. He is also being awarded  as the ‘Metro Prime Star Icon’ by Junior Chamber International. He is recognised as the  Corona Warrior & Emotional Vaccine of Surat for his distinctive creation for the  society. 

Inquire & know more about YoGGarbA® only at: 

The YoGGarbA® Studio, 4th Floor, Sun Arcade, VIP Road, Vesu Surat. 

For reservations & other details, contact on: 

+919825555121 OR [email protected]