Roadserve Ushers in New Era of Road Safety for Women Drivers

New Delhi, December 28, 2024 – Roadserve, India’s leading 24×7 roadside assistance provider, rang in the new year by launching revolutionary initiatives aimed at transforming road safety for women drivers across the country. The disruptive move has received critical acclaim from industry leaders and women drivers.

 Roadserve has introduced a Lifetime Free Roadside Assistance exclusively for women. These novel offering promise to rewrite the roadside assistance landscape and empower women with freedom, confidence and security while driving.

 When there’s a lack of accessible and trustworthy assistance following breakdowns like flat tires, dead batteries or mechanical issues while driving solo, car drivers often find themselves stranded in vulnerable situations.

Preeti Sharma, an entrepreneur said, “I drive long distances for work. The other day, I struggled with towing issues following an accident. Learning from my experience, I immediately subscribed to a Roadserve plan. A year later, when my car unexpectedly ran out of fuel, Roadserve’s quick response and caring service were just a call away. That gives me great peace of mind. I feel secure and stress-free on the road.”

Sometimes you just need a little jumpstart or minor accident support in the form of changing a flat tyre. Quality service can be a major time and money saver, ensuring top-notch service without unfair charges.

Rahul Khanna, a businessman from Chandigarh said, “I travel frequently and have always had a fear of being stranded without help in the event of a breakdown. I have no training whatsoever and rely on external help in dealing with even minor problems. Then there’s always that feeling of being shortchanged when you’re dealing with someone you don’t know. Comprehensive roadside assistance at such a discounted price for a full year is simply unbelievable. A friend recommended Roadserve for their exceptional service and I’m only too glad to jump on the bandwagon!”

Roadserve aims to change this narrative completely through its pioneering roadside assistance plans. The Lifetime Free Assistance for women covers essential services like towing, emergency fuel delivery and flat tire repair through their network of 2000+ trained professionals pan-India.

Aman Gupta, Founder & CEO, Roadserve said “Our vision is to create an ecosystem of trust, empathy and high-quality assistance for everyone — women and men. Our pioneering plans will enable women to reclaim their freedom and confidence while driving.”

In line with this vision, over 90% of Roadserve’s workforce are women, right from mechanics to leadership. The company leverages tech-enabled tracking to ensure transparent pricing and prevent unfair charges.

The Lifetime Free Assistance are welcome moves that usher in an era of road safety and empowerment for women across India.

With Roadserve, every woman has a reliable companion on the road who cares, understands and assists.

Chandni Jafri, Business Advisor said ” As someone who is passionate about driving, I understand the concerns that women face on the road. This initiative is a step in the right direction providing a sense of security and peace of mind to women drivers. It’s a game changer for the industry.

 “We understand the anxieties women face on the road. That’s why Roadserve’s ‘Empowered Journey’ is more than just a service, it’s a promise of peace of mind, built on empathy and driven by technology,” said Rahul Yelligetti, Chief Marketing Officer of Roadserve.

Drivers across India are welcoming Roadserve’s game-changing assistance that promise privileged services, speedy response, and enhanced roadside safety. To learn more, visit Roadserve