“The World Will Know Peace” International Art Exhibition in New York city is being held next month on the 17th June 2024, which will promote the aspects of peace & unity through various forms of amazing art by prominent artists. 

Briefing about this unique exhibition – Ms. Smruti Shirsat, the chief curator and owner of ArtRevolution, revealed that a unique exhibition will be opening at Dacia Gallery in New York City on June 17, 2024. The exhibition’s concept has been expertly curated by Smruti Shirsat along with Amrita Kochhar, Yashodhan Bhorde, Diana Shatish and Tejaswini Goud.

“The World Will Know Peace” is an international art exhibition dedicated to promoting peace and unity. The exhibition features work by established and emerging artists from diverse countries including India, Pakistan, South Africa, the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal, France etc. She emphasized that celebrating nine years of presenting diverse artworks and supporting artists from various backgrounds marks a significant milestone in her journey in the art world.

Nayan Naveli Gallery:

Amrita Kochhar, the founder and Director of Nayan Naveli Gallery, will be showcasing both national and international artists during this exhibition.

Nanak Sai:

Amrita Kochhar is also the founder of the Nanak Sai charitable trust in New Delhi. 

ArtRevolution has grown from regional exhibits to international prominence. It has established an international art school, preschool, activity center, and conducted a successful artist residency in Goa. The fourth edition of the Global Art Confluence International Art Magazine will also be unveiled on this occasion. She said that key Highlights of this exhibition will be as under:

  • UN Peacekeeping Role: Dr. Ravinder Singal, a UN Mission in Kosovo veteran, will share insights.
  • Notable Artists: Indo-Canadian artist Viraj Ponkshe with his “ZapinFusion” series and Indian portrait artist Nitin Khilare will be featured prominently.
  • Young Talent: Young artists mentored by Diana Shatish, including six-year-old prodigy Shikha Tewari, will showcase their work.
  • Special Contributions: Contributions from Rajmata Dr. Deepti Devi, Dr. Anita Pardeshi, and others.
  • Unique Collaboration: Canine companions Thor and Achilles will create peanut butter paintings on peace.

Tejaswini Goud: Tejaswini Goud is an integral part of ArtRevolution and will be curating art of international artists during the show.

Her expertise as an artist and curator has also helped ArtRevolution secure sponsorship from reputed organizations and personalities.

  • Childartprodigy Foundation: Child art prodigy Bihani Khadka, the inspiration behind the Child Art Prodigy Foundation, will be a part of this grand exhibition. Anvay Sanjay Hande, our very first student who participated in our Taj exhibition will also showcase their art.
  • Yashodhan Bhorde: Yashodhan Bhorde: Leading ArtRevolution since 2017, he has been instrumental in curating exhibitions from the Lokayata Art Gallery in New Delhi to the Taj Art Gallery in Mumbai. He spearheads the marketing team and selection committee of ArtRevolution and is actively involved with the curatorial team in New York for this exhibition. Additionally, the film “Game of Water,” produced with Smruti Shirsat under the banner of An Uprising Motion Pictures, will also be previewed during this exhibition.
  • Special Presentation: Artist Gajanan Rudrakar will present a solo show, enhancing the exhibition’s artistic dialogue. 
  • Sponsorship and support: Sponsored by Vivek Singh Abhishek, a student leader at Banaras Hindu University, fostering cross-cultural exchange and helping Indian artists participate internationally.
  • Organizer: ArtRevolution and Nayan Naveli Gallery.
  • Call to Action: The exhibition is a call for unity and a celebration of artistic expression. Art enthusiasts, peace advocates, and the general public are invited to join this inspiring event.