GLA University becomes No. 1 NAAC A+ Accredited State Private University in India

Change is the only constant in life. How you adapt to this law depends on you. GLA University, Mathura, has strengthened its academic standards and infrastructure in the past five years. Owing to the excellent teaching-learning standards, GLA University has attained NAAC A+ Accreditation with a score of 3.46. Previously, it was NAAC A accredited with a score of 3.2.

After completing the five years of the first NAAC review, the university applied for the following review in June 2022. NAAC accepted the review request, and its peer team audited GLA University on different parameters, such as academic standards, infrastructure, pedagogy, research resources, student progress and support, administrative management, etc., from 17th to 19th January 2023. The NAAC Peer Team also interacted with students regarding teaching-learning methods and placements. As a result, NAAC Peer Team awarded NAAC A+ Accreditation to GLA with a score of 3.46 after assessing all the parameters thoroughly, which is the highest score by a NAAC A+ accredited state private university in India.                     

The Vice-Chancellor of GLA University, Dr Phalguni Gupta, said, ‘it’s a matter of pride for us that GLA University has obtained the highest score amongst all the NAAC A+ accredited state private universities in India.’

He added, ‘NAAC A+ grade with the highest score will definitely help our students get better industry recognition and placements in top-notch companies. Most of the Bluechip companies give priority to NAAC-accredited universities with higher grades. Also, the students from NAAC-accredited institutions who want to pursue their further studies abroad get an edge over others. The foreign universities also analyze the NAAC accreditation status of the institutions before granting admission to Indian students. Hence, GLA‘s participation in global student exchange programs will also amplify with this.’ 


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The Chancellor of GLA University, Shri Narayan Das Agrawal, expressed his contentment with this achievement. He released a ‘Thank You Note’ to Pro-Chancellor Prof. Durg Singh Chauhan, Vice Chancellor Dr Phalguni Gupta, Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. Anup Kumar Gupta, and the other faculty members & the entire staff of GLA University and motivated the team for better performance in the future. 

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has constituted National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) to assess the higher education institutions in India on different parameters of academic standards. An institution must be at least six years old, and a minimum of two batches must have graduated from that institute to be eligible for the NAAC review. Also, the central, state, private or deemed universities should be approved by UGC or the Ministry of Education for regular batches to be eligible for NAAC review. Curricular Aspects, Teaching-Learning & Evaluation, Research, Innovation, & Extensions, Infrastructure & Learning Resources, Student Support & Progression, Governance, Leadership & Management, and Institutional Values & Best Practices are the seven criteria based on which the NAAC rating is awarded.