Bharat Loan launches game-changing EMI Product to facilitate greater financial inclusion by empowering borrowers with instant credit solution

National, May 27th, 2024: In its bid to disrupt the lending industry by ensuring better financial inclusivity, Bharat Loan, the leading full-service digital lender in India, launched a revolutionary new EMI product, Bharat Easy


Backed by extensive market research and feedback, Bharat Loan has developed the Bharat Easy EMI, an innovative credit offering that aims to cater to the growing demand for flexible, mid-to-long-term financing options with competitive interest rates. An inclusive financing solution that’s accessible to people, the EMI product follows a 100% paperless process, and offers flexible repayment options tailored to individual needs. 


Bharat Loan’s new EMI product utilizes an advanced BRE algorithm that goes beyond evaluating traditional CIBIL scores. The product determines credit worthiness of individuals seeking credit support, while offering tailored EMI plans suited to their requirements and empowering borrowers with a broader range of financial opportunities.


Speaking on the occasion, Amit Bansal, Founder of Bharat Loan, said, “At Bharat Loan, we believe financial exigencies should not be a major limiting factor in one’s life. We have been excited to introduce our innovative EMI product, designed to offer flexible loan options for everyone. The lending solution is backed by advanced technologies that not only give a rounded credit assessment of interested individuals but also makes the entire process seamless, offering a superlative lending experience of the borrowers. 


We experience a tremendous need from people that have faced financial setbacks due to various personal and market related challenges. By facilitating small ticket enabling credit line to these individuals, we want to build a healthy, empowering and inclusive financial ecosystem in India”


The Fintech company’s new industry-first EMI product goes a long way in eradicating traditional lending barriers. With ensuring financial inclusion as one of its key motivations, this innovative approach creates fair opportunities for everyone to access the financial resources needed to achieve their goals.


Over 1 lakh customers have already benefited from Bharat Loan’s innovative solutions, successfully repaying their loans on time. The company’s vision is to reach millions more seeking financial assistance, making this EMI product widely accessible and promoting financial inclusion for all. The company plans to introduce similar offerings, fostering greater market penetration and significantly enhancing the financial well-being of its customers, particularly young professionals (25-50 years old) residing in major Indian metros.As part of its future initiatives and commitment to promoting green and sustainable practices, Bharat Loan is planning to introduce Green Loans tailored for solar energy and electric vehicles (EVs).


About Bharat Loan

Bharat Loan is a financial innovator making waves in the loan industry. Since their launch in 2023, they’ve been dedicated to simplifying access to financial resources, particularly for salaried professionals in major cities.  They leverage modern technology to provide a completely digital loan experience, smooth and hassle-free. 


Financial inclusion is a core value for Bharat Loan. They believe everyone deserves a fair chance to access the resources they need.  Transparency and security are paramount, and they’re committed to responsible practices that contribute to a greener future.  By offering faster and more accessible loan options, Bharat Loan empowers individuals to achieve their goals with confidence.