Young Entrepreneur “Abbzorb” CEO Adit Agrawal aims to launch multiple ventures

New Delhi. Adit Agarwal , Chief Executive Officer of the brand ‘Abbzorb’, is a 23-year-old Third Generation Entrepreneur from New Delhi. Since his childhood days, he was always interested in the world of business. He started reading about famous entrepreneurs and their journeys and studied renowned companies to learn about their practices and strategies for global success.

His father used to take him to his factory to teach about the importance of processes and people. Adit’s grandfather taught how to give back to the society that has allowed us to enjoy a positive lifestyle. 

Adit did his schooling from Modern School, Barakhamba Road, where at the age of 17, he launched his first venture named ‘Teens4teens’. The organisation size grew to a team of over 100 teenagers from all over India and its online community consisted of over 20,000 people. 

He then moved for higher studies at Northeastern University, United States of America.  After studying for 5 years and working at 3 multinational companies headquartered in Boston, he came back to India to join ‘Abbzorb’, as a Chief Executive Officer. The brand ‘Abbzorb’ is into Whey Proteins and Isolates. 

Adit has always been proud of Indian nationality, and planned to return to India to contribute to the country’s economic and social welfare. His family has always believed in looking after business employees and their families, and he realized that he wish to follow in their footsteps by creating work opportunities and empowering people to flourish in their desired fields. After witnessing the rise of an optimistic business environment in the country with promising government initiatives such as Make in India and Start-up India, he aims to launch multiple ventures and build communities of skilled and ambitious individuals who are ready to create a positive impact in India.