Autointelli an AIOpS company awarded by Governor of Tamilnadu for Best IT Infrastructure Automation Tool for 2023

Autointelli an AIOPS company represented by its CEO E Pradeep Kumar which is into IT Infrastructure Automation has been awarded by Honorable Governor of Tamilnadu  Thiru R.N.Ravi in Raj Bhavan in Durbar hall in a CXO event arranged by Governor Office to felicitate the companies which is contributing to the nation by its efforts on unique technologies. Autointelli been selected for its outstanding performance on automating the IT Infrasturcture in EGovernance sector which help the governments to keep the citizen portals without errors and no downtime in their servers throughout the year. It also supports the government system to provide uninterrupted services to its citizens which keeps everyone happy.  Autointelli also works with Banks,NBFC and other E-commerce business process where customers can feel the difference in the provided services after Automating the entire IT Infrastructure which will help for business continuity.

In the dynamic landscape of IT infrastructure automation, one name stands out as a visionary investor and trailblazer – that’s Pradeep. His keen insight into emerging technologies and their potential applications in e-governance and the private sector has led him to invest in cutting-edge companies like Autointelli. AutoIntelli, a pioneering organization specializing in IT infrastructure automation, has quickly become a game-changer, providing innovative solutions for streamlining operations and driving efficiency in both government institutions and private enterprises.

The Rise of AutoIntelli

Founded by a team of seasoned IT professionals including its CTO and Co Founder Anandaraaj Parthiban whose contribution is incomparable. AutoIntelli swiftly captured the attention of investors like Pradeep with its groundbreaking approach to automation. The company’s core focus is on developing robust software solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructures, allowing businesses and government entities to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance.

E-Governance Transformation

Pradeep recognized the significance of AutoIntelli’s potential impact on the e-governance sector, an area where automation can bring about transformative changes. By deploying intelligent automation tools, government organizations can streamline processes such as citizen services, data management, and administrative tasks. This empowers officials to allocate more time and resources to critical decision-making processes, ultimately enhancing citizen satisfaction and fostering greater transparency.

AutoIntelli’s sophisticated automation platform has been instrumental in enabling e-governance entities to harness big data and analyze vast amounts of information in real-time. By leveraging machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, governments can derive valuable insights that inform policymaking and service improvements. Governor in his speech addressed that the companies which is being awarded is an asset to the country and also reason for the India’s economic growth.

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