Aman Rishu owned bags funding from the Government of India under the Startup-India scheme.

Ballot Now, a voting software start-up bootstrapped by Aman Rishu and backed by Angel Investors and institutions such as IIT, DU, Atal Incubation Centre, IIC Niti Aayog, has bagged a grant under the Startup India initiative launched by Ministry of Commerce and Industry under the leadership of ‘Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi’. The grant money was offered from the pool of Rs. 250+ crores at the disposal to support Indian Start-ups by funding them.


“BallotNow is described on the grant award as a startup that is “developing a cutting-edge AI-based adaptive Intelligent Voting  System”.


It is an innovative technology platform that has developed the world’s first Intelligent Voting System (IVS) to transform the way we conduct elections. The platform is built with advanced technologies, configurations, and high-level security to ensure unbiased and clean voting. It allows voters to cast their vote in an election regardless of their geographical location using smart devices. This means that people who are unable to be physically present at polling stations can still participate in the election process. Additionally, Election Management bodies can save costs by conducting their voting on BallotNow IVS. BallotNow’s IVS is based on Blockchain technology, making it secure and hack-proof, and is enhanced with AI & ML, allowing the system to conduct fraud analysis. The company has worked with various organizations from different domains, including universities, NGOs, corporates, and government bodies, and has been recognized with multiple awards and grants for its innovative solutions. Overall, BallotNow’s mission is to bring democracy to the digital age and make elections more accessible and efficient for everyone.


Company CEO Mr. Rishu said that they were excited about the future of their start-up and its contribution in nation-building through their innovations for the Indian voting Industry, both at present and in the future. Notably, Aman have recently received a partnership offer from a leading global SaaS company for his company,


More than 4000 Startups have benefitted annually through various programs of the Govt. of India. The Startup India initiative has played a crucial role in providing a supportive ecosystem for startups in India to grow and flourish. With various schemes, funding opportunities, and policy reforms, this initiative has enabled startups to overcome various challenges and achieve success, contributing to the growth of the Indian economy.