Weightlifting Can Help You Get More Tinder Matches, Says Study

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Think that improving your Tinder game is all about picking the right profile picture and nailing those pick-up lines? Those things help, sure. But taking up a sport could up your chances of a right swipe by 50 percent, according to one study.

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GolfSupport.com did a little experiment to figure out how including a sport on one’s Tinder profile improves their right-swipe potential, and from there, what specific sports are best. According to the Independent, the experiment consisted of creating both a male and a female Tinder profile and changing only the sport each person played in their bio. Each profile randomly swiped right on 200 people, and after each bio change was made, waited a couple days to see what happened.

The experiment found the profile that didn’t have any sport listed received only 57 matches, while the average sport profile got 94.2 matches, regardless of sport.

(They also didn’t lead with any of these pick-up lines, which ladies really, really hate.)

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The study found the top three sports that received the most matches were rugby, weightlifting and golf. Considering the study was conducted by a golf equipment store, we’re a little sceptical about these findings, so we checked them against some other data.

A study conducted by Tinder itself immediately following the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio actually found that professional tennis players were the most likely to get a right swipe of all professional sports players, followed again by weightlifting and then gymnastics. Golf actually didn’t even make the top 6. Hmm.

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What’s this mean for you? Well, seems like ladies are into weightlifters, so if you’re really looking for a sport to help your Tinder profile, head to the gym. Alternatively, here are 4 ways you can make your Tinder profile irresistible.

Originally published on menshealth.com