Time to act like cleanliness freak for your beloved laptop

Laptop is a life for many people. They will take care of it like a baby. They will worship it or will will treat it like a priced possession. These people will not let dust sit on it and then there will be this another category of people who will be least bothered over the laptop. They would not only handle it carelessly but will be least bothered if dust or food sits on it. Wait there and think for a minute. Didn’t you spend in like a good amount to get a laptop? And your certainly do not want to spend another good amount on a new one. Here is trick to avoid buying a new laptop.

Take a good look at your laptop and the things that it is surrounded by. Do you see a glass of water there? Or a cup of tea or coffee? Or a mug full of beer? Let me tell you something- laptops are rivals with any liquid substance. Yes the customer care people will take care of it but don’t you know precaution is better than cure. Just avoid any spills.

Yes your new advanced technology laptop may be extremely light, lighter than air but this doesn’t mean you should through that in the air. No tossing laptops to friends. It is not a baseball or a freaking Frisbee, it is an electronic device. This is one way people usually damage their laptops. And always make sure that you have some sort of security software. There is no guarantee of hackers. They are not going to take your permission to hack your laptop so make sure you get the right security software uploaded in your system.

And never ever, spill your dirty junk food on the keyboard. Wash your hand after eating and then only touch your laptop. Make sure you brush your keyboard once a week. There will be loads of dust and tiny hair which will be not visible to the naked eye. So no eating at your desk. You don’t have to be a man every now and then. Yes, men can fix anything, absolutely anything, but buddy, laptop fixing is not your thing. If you feel something is going wrong or has gone wrong with the laptop do not hunt for a screwdriver, rather take it to the service center. Because that is how it is meant to be.