Signs and symptoms on heart diseases

For starters, heart diseases is the leading cause of death, particularly for men, in America. Statics show that in 2009, heart diseases has killed 307,225 men which is like one in every 4 male deaths. And among that 8.5% are white men, 7.9% black men and the 6.3% of Mexican American men.

And what are the reasons for a heart diseases? Smoking, alcohol, high level of cholesterol. And about half of the American’s suffer from either of these reasons. The very first symptom or sign of a heart disease would be difficulty in breathing after some physical exertion or a feeling of something squeezing in your chest for more than 30 minutes or a severe pain in neck or jaw.

The reason for all this could be that your blood vessels are getting narrower. The reason for narrowing is that they are slowly getting blocked up or built up and because of this it gets very difficult for the heart to pump up the blood and generate oxygen.

The very common sign of heart attack will be discomfort in chest. The discomfort could be in your neck, arms, back, abdomen and jaw as well. While you are experiencing a heart attack you will short of breath, start breaking into sweat or will feel nauseated. But when you will be having a stroke, you will feel weakness in your face, arms or legs. And this happens to only one side of the body. You may also experience some difficulty in speaking or a change in vision or probably loss of coordination.

Once you know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack you can probably take some precautions. You could start with regular check ups. Maintain a low fat diet. Exercise more and maintain your sugar and cholesterol levels. But it is very important that you see the doctor. It may appear not so serious at the initial stage but why take the risk when things can be taken care of well.