WHEELS: mbDESIGN’s KV3.3 wheel

It’s rare a wheel design makes us stop and look twice on the ‘Gram, but this latest wheel design from aftermarket wheel manufacturer mbDESIGN made us go “skrrrrrr – what the hell is that?“ After doing some forensic Google research, we determined it’s one of their latest releases called the KV3.3. Unfortunately, their website is […] Continue reading

STYLE: Deus X Addict Oiled BMC Jacket

When we visited our local Deus Ex Machina location in Venice a few weeks ago, we saw this jacket in person and immediately fell in love with it. Created in collaboraton with Addict clothes, Deus Ex Machina and Japanese artist Ken ‘Fusty Works’ Sugihara, this exclusive and limited motorcycle jacket was “designed and crafted by […] Continue reading